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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good saturday morning, we are talking about a weekend wash out. tropical billhead dollars our way, unfortunately, the area is under a flood watch this morning. today is saturday, june 20th good morning to you thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. it is 6:00 on the dot. again, talking about fathers day weekends, and unfortunately, a lot of moisture moving through our area. we send it over to carol now for more on. that will this is just bad timing all around. father day. >> and the first day of summer tomorrow, as well t won't seem that much like t but, you know, i think a lot of the worse of this is going to be coming early on sunday, and then we do get some clearing later on. not totally out of the woods as far as getting more precipitation, but i think the worse of it may be during a time period when a lot of people won't be up and out. we have ocean city right now.
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see the boardwalk looks little glistening. that means you have seen couple of showers go by there. and it is very cloudy looking as well. storm scan3 this is the wide view. you can see the moisture that's going to be coming, right around cincinnati right now, but it will be headed in our direction, as well. and at the present time, we have got some mist out there and in some cases you're picking up very light bit of rain. but it is enough to really start to dampen the first part of our weekend. our temperatures, 75, 71 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 70 in trenton, 70 in wilmington, we have dropped to 59 degrees in the poconos. it is 73 down in wildwood at this point. temperatures today will be getting into the 80s about 82 degrees. we start specially as we move into the afternoon picking up a shower, thunderstorm chance, and those chances get better the later we get tonight and overnight and the first part of tomorrow. our fought your weather put into motion, we do have couple of showers scattered around as we go through this morning this afternoon we get few more. and by the time we hit
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5:00 looking at more and then seeing some of that rain starting to really think about coming in here. this is a look at 10:00 tonight the way it is timed out right now just know we do have flood watch in effect for the entire area. starting this evening and running right through tomorrow. so we will talk more about that time it out in everybody's location, that's coming up. nicole? >> carol, thank you. >> new this morning philadelphia police are investigating a homicide in the mayfair neighborhood of 50 year old man was shot in the hip. now there is happened in the 5700 block of leonard street about 1:00 this morning. he was taken to the hospital where he died from his injuries. there is no word on a suspect at this time. >> well, if you are traveling in and around center city this weekend, you may encounter several street closures. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry live there now to talk about the detours and just kind after mess out there, due to construction syma. what's going on? >> reporter: that's right. nicole, ever make some big weaken plans coming into the center city, and then realizing you're casino every
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stuck in traffic, there is a lot of street closures, then you think why didn't anyone tell me? we're here to gave you a big warning. if you take a look behind me, see crews are already out and about, getting ready for some big, big jobs this morning. one of the bigger closures around city hall, that's going to be from 11:00 to 16th street near market street. that is going to be closed, from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the street near the old pnb bank building will be close today allow a helicopter to remove an old air-conditioning unit. so, if you hear a lot of noise today, that's what it is for. crews will also install a support system for new ac unit. now, some other street closures, to mention, if you plan on heading to university city this morning, spruce street will be closed from 34th to 38th from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 in the afternoon. the area around seventh and chestnut, could get clogged up. but that's because of another construction crew. i don't foe if you see us live
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right now see crews brinking in lots of equipment here. little noisy. going back to the street closure i was talking about at seventh and chestnut. that will start in about an hour. it will be until 3:00. around the same time portion of columbus boulevard under the walt whitman bridge, will also be closed. so plan accordingly. casino of figure out where you need to go and how to work around these street closures, because if you are headed somewhere, you may be stuck in traffic, that could be affected by all of these street closures. so nicole, plan ahead. i'll sends it back to you. >> good heads up. nothing like being stuck in traffic on a weekend. nobody want that. syma thank you. >> right now though, mower dee dee tails emerge being wednesday's mass shooting at historic black church in charleston, south carolina now during video court appearance yesterday, the victims families expressed extraordinary words every forgiveness telling the suspected gunman they forgive him. and that hate won't win. marlie hall report now from charleston where that community is trying to heal. >> ♪ ♪
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>> people in charleston gathered to remember the victims shot to death as they held a prayer meeting inside the historic emanuel ame church wednesday night. >> we all have one thing in common, our hearts, are broken. >> twenty-one year old shooting suspect dillan roof, was officially charged with nine counts of murder during a bail hearing friday, and victims families were allowed to speak. the sister of 49 year old reverend, spoke for her family. >> we are the family that love built. we have no room for hate. we have to forgive. i pray god on your soul and i also thank god that i won't be around when your judgement day comes with you. >> one of the five children of 70 year old ethel also spoke.
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>> but i forgive you and have mercy on your soul. >> police documents show the victims were shot multiple times, and that roof made a racially inflammatory statement as he stood over one of the survivors. roof social security held in solitary confinement and is on suicide watch. marlie hall, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> now this crime motivated by racial hatred is spark ago conversation about the confederate flag. right now confederate flies flies on the grounds of carolina state capitol. steve patterson has that part of the story. >> we find this flag to be the symbol and the flag after american terrorist. >> at south carolina state capitol friday, both the state and united state flag went to half staff to honor the lives of nine people murdered on the ground of a charleston church. in the same place the confederate flag flew overhead, at full staff
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protected by the state law that makes it untouchable. >> enough is enough. >> in philadelphia, friday, the confederate flag was balled up on the ground of independence mall, shoved into a small metal tub and set on fire with lighter fluid. >> i'm extremely happy to burn this flag, and this flag represented for generations of fear it represent hatred. it represent bigotry. >> the burning friday afternoon, was done by a small group of act vet cents without much fanfare rie or attention. says none of that is the point. >> this flag represent american terrorism. it represents the symbol after american terrorist. >> once again the usual southern debate has gone nationwide. is the flag a cultural marker of heritage, history, and tradition, or a symbol of hatred, represented murder, rape, and oppression? >> well, i think it is a ring. >> patricia wilson aiden is the president and ceo of the african-american museum in
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philadelphia. while she says the flag's purpose historically will likely be debated for generations, its placement as a symbol of antagonism and death for african-americans has been firmly cemented. >> this is an instance where we need to put the past until the past. it does nothing to heal this nation therefore, needs to be put aside. >> friday south carolina governor nicky haley was asked to address the controversy on bs this morning respond in the by saying in part quote right now i am not doing that to the people of my state saying she want to focus on healing first. reporting from the sat center steve patterson cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> you can stay with "eyewitness news" for the continuing coverage of the church massacre. we'll bring you updates on tv and on line at new york state police say they are investigating possible siting of two escape killers two, men fitting their description, seen one week ago
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in tube end county new york. more than 300 miles away from the prison they escaped from. the men in question were heading toward the pennsylvania border, investigators are now analyzing surveillance video of that pair. of course it, has been two weeks since richard matt and david sweat escaped from that up-state new york prison, the pair is now on the us marshall's 15 most wanted list, the agency offering $50,000 reward for information lead to go their capture. now, corrections officer was put on leave on friday, as part of this investigation. and that prison worker, joyce mitchell has none about -- has now been charged with helping the men escape. >> 6:09. young boy is recovering this morning, after being struck by a line drive at last night's phillies game. happened in the ninth inning, by a foul brown. we are told the child standing in the front row along the first baseline. spokesperson for the team says that boy was taken to the hospital for evaluation. >> hopefully he'll be okay.
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>> meanwhile commissioners in rehobeth beat, rejected controversial plan which would have kept shore renters from using pools or hot tubs. the city's mayor had proposed the measure as way to cut down on noise complaints. now, homeowners have been required to cover and lock their pools and hot tubs when renting their properties. while voting down that measure, the board did vote to require homeowners to register their pools with the city. so renters can get in the pool and hot tub this summer. 6:10 troubling discovery in south jersey, pretty scary worker finds a noose hanging in his truck. "eyewitness news" speaks to that victim, who says, he now fears for his life. and now questions a rise over how his supervisors handled the situation. we'll explain. also ahead huge fires burn across the western part of the country. we'll tell you about the areas most in danger this morning. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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>> presidential hopefuls using platform to pitch it their fellow party members. being head at the center city sheraton. undeclared candidate new jersey governor chris christie addressed that crowd. now, while he hasn't formally thrown his hat into the ring, many felt a portion every his speech yesterday kind of hinted that announcement may be coming. take a listen. >> and so if i do this, that's the way i am going to do it.
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>> and some days i'll say things that are certainly going to make you uncomfortable, some days i'll say things that will make you shake your head and say i cannot believe he said that out loud. that's an inside thought not an outside thought. >> famous for those outside thought, though, gop conference wraps up today with wisconsin governor scott walker. >> philadelphia chapter of the boy scouts has approved new policy that allows gay adults to serve as scout masters. the cradle of liberty council says it has long thought a policy of inclusion. nearly a month ago, boy scout of america president robert gates, said the organization's ban on gay adult scout looters needed to end. now, after the remarks, local chapters were then allowed to adopt their own policies. >> it is 6:14 right now, we are hearing from atlantic county work here says he found a noose hanging inside his truck. now, that man says he is now living in fear. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter, cleve bryan, has the details from egg harbor township. >> all the stuff going on with
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south carolina, this stuff is really serious. >> scott henry said he thinking about getting new job after finding noose two weeks ago in his trash truck at the utility authority. >> i felt threatened immediately, felt like somebody was targeting me, putting the black guy that goes to open up the truck i see a noose, there that's not a joke, nothing fun bye that, that's serious business. >> henry's bosses sass they're taking the matter very seriously, launched internal, but didn't contact until 15 days later until pressured to make the call. >> why didn't the utility authority call the police right away? >> because at first it wasn't seen as a hate crime. scott henry didn't identify it as a hate crime at that time. it was an unfortunate incident that appalled us. and we are going to follow up and get some information. >> henry he is frustrated how his bosses handled the noose situation, and free holler ernest course i, urged henry to speak out, says it was the wrong decision not to get police involved from the start. >> this is suggest don't just roll over, and act like it doesn't exist.
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here in 2015, because we still have some deranged people, living among us. >> egg harbor township police now investigating the new say it is too preliminary to say if there has been a hate crime. >> anything could have happened to me. that will could have been direct threat on my life. my wife didn't even want me to come to work. >> scott henry working here for the last ten years but says today is his last day for awhile taking off six to ten weeks because of stress. in egg harbor township, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". five firefighters battling several wild fire across the west. one of the biggest in the somebody berdino miles east of los angeles. hell copters attacking the 11,000-acre fire from above as hundreds of firefighters bat it will on the grounds. now, farther north, fires are burning near yosemite national park and even in alaska. >> but, it is rain, and lots of it, reaking havoc in the south and in the mid wells. the precipitation is all thanks to the renmant of tropical storm bill. now, flooding has claimed several lives in oklahoma the
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red river which divides texas, oklahoma, now threatening to reach the highway. that runs over us. so, not a great situation there. >> but a lightning strike apparently captured on camera in texas carol. have you heard about this? the deputy driving down the road then all the sudden apparently lightning hit the side of the road it, blue dirt on to the air, no one hurt, good news here, but drivers just kept moving along apparently there is no guarantee on safety, carol. >> being in the car was the best thing and just keeping on moving if you have that lightning. our weather watchers are up this morning nicole. we are happy to say. and they are not all that hey with the forecast, some of them though, are finding some sunshine in the forecast, just because of their attitude. and i think that's probably a good idea for the rest of us. 7 degrees out in burlington, she says muggy wash out weekend, no problem great time to catch up with a good book or maybe even a bad book. we are looking at 69 degrees here. this is what ed is finding
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and you know ed, he always keeps us up to date on his weekend plans. he's already been on a walk. he's putting everyone it shame. getting lighter out there right now cool, comfortable he loves the temperatures in chesterfield right now is the temperature, close to that 70 degrees mark. let's take a stroll ourselves shall we? we will walk over across the ben franklin bridge. and we find cloudy skies little bit of mist in some areas, this morning. we saw some kind of wet boardwalk, and that was down through the ocean city area. right now through rehoboth beach, just cloudy looking. and temperature of 74 degrees, this is not the look you want when it is your weekend at the beach. unfortunately, it is what we have got at least this weekend. we have storm scan3, showing few showers now not all of these are hitting the grounds with any kind of intensity might finds some mist out there. but the showers are around. the thunderstorms are not at this point though later this afternoon we can't totally rule that out. more likely as we move through tonight, maybe even tomorrow,
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71 degrees, in philadelphia, right now, 70 in trenton, 70 in wilmington, the temperatures fairly consistent in the 70s i-95 south, and to the north couple of degrees cooler than that in the 60s. the flood watch. it goes into effect this evening it goes right through tomorrow. it is about the last thing anybody wants to see out there. and it is flooding not the main stream rivers, not the delaware, through creeks, streams possible, if we get enough rain concentrated over short enough periods of time. but the flood watch covers every single person out there. and here's what we're looking for. from the renmant of bill same system you saw the red river with all turning that border between texas oklahoma into red river really high red river. well, that same system is working its way through the midwest now and coming to the northeast. tropical downpours can't be ruled out. amount generally one to 2 inches, but some spots could be picking up 3 inches of rainout of this. the heaviest will probably be on sunday morning and then we get the flooding possible. so we'll have to continue to
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monitor. that will the timing, 2:00 this afternoon until about 11:00 tonight, we start to see some showers thunderstorms come in here. the heaviest rain from 1:00 tonight until about 7:00 tomorrow morning. and then, after 7:00, the rain tapers off some clearing, and some scattered thunderstorms and this would be from the second barrelled low out of this system that's coming up. so it is not totally through with us until we finally clear out by sunday night. future weather, kim rain showers this morning few more this afternoon few more 5:00. few more by the time we hit 11:00 then start to see some of the heavy rain coming in during the overnight time period. this is a look at 6:00 tomorrow morning. some clearing, few more showers maybe coming by in the afternoon, and even tomorrow evening, couple of spots but generally, the trend is to get this thing out of here after tomorrow morning with the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm, so let's not call the whole day as a wash out, even though the flood watch does continue all day.
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the rainfall amounts vary, but generally all four of these computer models say at least a inch of rain, and maybe two plus inches every rain through the philadelphia area. and i think, a lot of that, according to this estimate, is going to be right along that i95 corridor, where some of the heaviest amounts every rain, but everybody does get into this rain. this is not the weekends to cut hey. we are looking at 82 degrees in philadelphia, shore 80 degrees 72 degrees, the chance after shower or thunderstorm reminding some of my friends who happen to cut hey. we are looking at 82 degrees this afternoon, tonight, it is 72 degrees shower, thunderstorm, with the heavy rain chance during the overnight time period. then over the next couple of days, 86 degrees or so, tomorrow, it is humid for fathers day, first day of summer, as well. showers, thunderstorms heavy rain to start the day. monday looks okay at 88, very humid. tuesday, do we see a shower in maybe not. wednesday, eight a, then in the 80s the rest of the week. this is the heaviest rain period right now.
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>> carol, if we're not cutting hey, what am i going to do? i have to find something. all right, still ahead on "eyewitness news", raising money for a philadelphia landmark. then, it is a story after dog surfing on the battlefields. we'll have preview of max when we come back. stay with us.
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>> max is a story of highly trained military dog, and the loyal best friends of the us marine. correspondents suzanne mark yet has a preview. >> reporter: max is trained to sniff outbeams on the front lines in afghanistan. and, he's the loyal k9 companion of kyle, an us marine. >> when kyle dies, max's traumatized and shipped back to the states where he meets the soldier's devestated family. lauren gram, plays kyle's mother, dog coming into their lives, just kind of throws everything into chaos but gives it a focus too like here is this dog who is suffering, and we need to kind of see him through that journey. >> the journey bridges max to kyle's troubled little brother, justin, the only human the dog can connect with. together they start to unravel the mystery of what really happened on the battlefield. >> your brother always wanted to be a hero. >> thomas hayden church is the
6:26 am
boy's father. he's also a war veteran struggling with his sense of responsibility for his son's death. >> he charges on. you know, what exactly do you think really motivated kyle to you know, to put himself in harms way. >> as justin grows closer to max, helps the k9 re discover his inner warrier. and the new best friend finds their way back from tragedy together. suzanne mark quest cbs news long ankle less. >> it is 6:26 right now. dozen gather to raise money to restore a philadelphia landmark, the uptown theater hall of fame awards fundraiser honored philadelphians who made great contributions in entertainment and in cult europe. the big event took place right here at our cbs-3 studios. proceeds go toward revitalizing the historic uptown theater on north broad street, which is currently in phase two of construction. >> well, every dog has his day, right? but this next story is proof that so do some cats.
6:27 am
tara the cat gained fame for protecting her five year old owner from a dog attack. the low los angeles spca honored her with their national hero dog award last night, see the award slightly altered for tara. feisty feline and her family were on hand to except. and that was an incredible story, so well deserved honor there. we'll be right back.
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>> it is saturday, june 20th it is summer, fathers day and also a lot of rain? >> and a flood watch. >> yes, lots going on this weekend. >> unfortunately, we just want it sunny and maybe 08 degrees after all this will be the first weekend of summer, at least the second part of it start to summer and fathers day, as nicole mentioned. we do have some showers though. let's take a look outside. we've certainly got the clouds. just socked in with the clouds at this point. but, it is not just clouds, either. we also notice this. as we take a look at reading 67, and the shore, which is dark and gloomy. but, up in reading, you have got 67 degrees, and you have also seen some rain showers there. you can see the roads are a little bit wet in that area. and storm scan3 showing yes there are few light showers out there. but they are scattered around the area. so, expect to find that this
6:31 am
morning. and then, even this afternoon we can be finding some showers, some thunderstorms the heavier rain will be holding off probably until the overnight time period. 71 degrees, in philadelphia right now, 70 in trenton 70 degrees in wilmington, 74 in dover and millville, our temperatures today will be get to go about 82 degrees. we get mostly cloudy skies most of the time, a shower or thunderstorm chance, especially as we move on into the afternoon time period. our computer models, not exactly right. it is picking up on the clouds, and the fact that there are few showers out there. but, it also says as we move through this morning, there will be few more, and more, as we move into the afternoon. not everywhere, but the heavier showers can start to come in this afternoon. the very heaviest, though, will hold off until say 11:00 tonight, on through tomorrow morning. we will be finishing out that time line. but heavy enough that we will be under flood watch that starts this evening runs through sunday, and that is for the flooding that's possible on creeks, streams, that sort of thing. so, we will continue to
6:32 am
monitor that. any changes, in the computer models, and the amount that we're likely getting out the system, that's coming up, nicole? >> good to know, carol thank you. suspected gunman behind wednesday's mass shooting in charleston, south carolina, now sits in jail this morning. a vigil held last night for the 99 victims shot and killed inside the emanuel ame church. dylann roof made first peers in court via closed circuit tv for security reasons. there he was ordered held on $1 million bail. now, during that hearing, the judge allowed family members of the victims to address the accused killer. it was real a extraordinary expression of forgiveness. >> i but i forgive you and have mercy on your soul. >> we are the family that love built. we have no room for hate so we
6:33 am
have to forgive. i pray god on your soul and i also thank god that i won't be around when your judgement day comes with him. >> just heart wrenching. this crime motivated by racial hatred is sparking a conversation about the confederate flag. right now confederate flag actually fries on the grounds of south carolina state capitol. >> in the wake of the shooting in charleston, some local churches are re-evaluating their security, "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones has that story from mother bethel ame church in society hill. >> that the your every christianity, in and of itself open. >> reverend mark tyler admits the shooting at the african-american ame church has left some in the congregation here at its sister church mother bethel ame feeling vulnerable. >> it is a shame that you can't come into a place that is supposed to be sanctuary closure eyes, in prayer, and not fear that someone will hurt you while your eyes are
6:34 am
closed? >> security cameras inside the church at sixth and lombard when no service the front doors are locked. to enter you have to go let in the side door. >> at thursday night's interfaith prayer vigil armed security on hand, but the reverend remained cautious when asked about other security details. >> in light of just casino of where things are i would rather not comment. >> we have weapons but it is not something that i constantly walk around with that i have a gun on. >> roger, runs a germantown based security firm, that provides armed security, for seven philadelphia area churches. >> we read people's body language. if they come and they talk to the pastor, we have the right to say well, what is it? how may we help you? >> while reverend tyler says patting down parishioners, making them walk through metal detectors is going too far he has different take. >> but are we there yet as a society? is it something that we have to address and look at, and have a conversation.
6:35 am
>> says typically the most dangerous situations he deals with involves people who are mentally ill or couples dealing with domestic violence. reporting in society hill, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the south carolina church massacre. we will bring you updates on tv and on line at cbs fill ill. com. meanwhile, store clerk fights back during a robbery and this morning hearing from the man who defended himself. >> manager henry li, sells chinese, japanese food, found himself in trouble this week whether mask man seen here walked inside the store took out knife, and demanded cash. >> i thought he was joking. and then, when he jump off the counter, i know that we would
6:36 am
be serious. >> very serious man continued to make demands just when he had enough of it lee grabbed a sharp, sushi knife from his counter. lee is at the top of your screen, trying to fight the man off. the man kept yelling. >> i don't want to hurt you. i don't want to hurt anyone. i just want monday. >> i lee showed us a video and said he's glad he fought back. but he needed back up. and called for a chef who just thanks know kung fu. >> when he was little boy he got trained by the kung fu master. so he know a lot of kung fu. >> enough to scare the robber off. the robber new he was on camera. what the robber didn't realize, not just one camera, we spotted more than ten inside the store. and henry li is counting on those ten cameras to help detectives catch their man. >> that's the first time we got robbed. so i never seen him before and the area was safe before. i don't know what's going on right now. >> if you have any information, give police a call. in philadelphia, david spunt
6:37 am
cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, a new jersey police force is joining a growing number of departments across the country, that are creating safe zones for on line buyers and sellers. >> this after increasing number of violent crimes involving people responding to craigslist ads. now, in 2009 philip mark off known as the craigslist killer was arrested and charged with murdering a woman he met through that website. the hills dale police department wants to help make those on line trans eggs cents safer, and more secure, so they're offering up their lobby, and also their back parking lots. >> since 2009 there have been 48 reported killings of craigslist related crimes. >> around the country. >> around the country correct. before you meet up with a person, in a secluded area, or in a unfamiliar area, come to police department at the public building. >> nice offer there. perspective buyer or seller has issue with meeting up at a police station don't do business with them. offering this option to anyone not just hills dale
6:38 am
residents. they ask do you call ahead to notify them of that transaction. well, many parents think they need to keep their children busy all summer. but, expert say, too much scheduling can actually and bad thing. cbs correspondent chelsey edwards has more now from los angeles. >> we should make some new paintings. >> i know, we should. >> after jam packed break last year, joyce wants to try to balance her children's schedule this summer. >> we're just doing few camps here and there and then the rest of the time we have activities. >> pediatrician core inch croft says with so many children over scheduled during the school year, down time is critical over the summer. >> a lot of kids get up way too early, they are going to bed way too late, they are very tired and they basically are scheduled from the minute they wake up until almost the minute they go to sleep. >> doctor cross stresses down time does not mean scream time. kids need variety that combination fun, learning, and physical activities. >> say okay, like, let's do one week of this camp, and
6:39 am
then maybe you can have one week of down time. and maybe three days a week we'll do little bit of some sort of school academic stuff and the other time you can have for, you know, facebooking or instagram with your friends. >> doctor cross also says parent should talk to their children and see what they want to accomplice over the break. that's what joyce is doing. >> i think paying attention to their interests, and incorporating the academics and the interest, will really give them a good foundation for the next school year. >> chelsey edwards cbs news los angeles. >> now expert say it is also a good idea to layout the groundrules early in the summer. let them know waist going to be happening for the next couple of months. it is 6:39 right now. still a they had this morning weekend long fundraiser kicks off in bucks county. plus this. >> a philadelphia police officer's random act every kindness goes viral. i'm syma chowdhry, how he helped two children with their chores, and why the woman behind the counter want
6:40 am
everyone to see it. >> also ahead, the squirrel on the loose. more of the unexpected entertainment at last night's phillies games. and carol is tracking lot. wet weather headed this way. fathers day forecast when we come back.
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>> new york yankees star alex rodriguez, he knocked his 3,000 career hit. kenneth craig, from new york,
6:43 am
has that story. deep right. back tracks, wall, see ya. >> alex rodriguez earned his 3,000 career hit in grand style with a homerun against the detroit tigers. the crowd errupted as a-rod hit the ball into the seats in the right centerfield, then rounded the bases. it happened in the first inning off the pitch from detroit tigers ace justin. >> amazing. >> not everyone could hit 3,000, you know? like that's something special. >> the 39 year old rodriguez is enjoying a bit of a come back this season. he sat on the side lines last season while serving a suspension for violating major league baseball's doping policy. >> just a testament to his pro initial i am over long periods of time, his longevity, his commitment to the game. you don't get to that number, that statistics, without a lot of time put in.
6:44 am
>> a rod the first big lease err to collect 3,000 hits since 2011. many question rodriguez's hall of fame credentials because of those drug allegations. >> a year ago today, i didn't know if this day would ever come. >> he is now just one of 29 major league players in the 3,000 club, and ranks fourth on the all time homerun list. in new york, kenneth craig for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". that homer rodriguez's 16th this season, and 667th of his career, a lot of them. squirrel steels the show at last night's phillies game. take a look. >> oh, oh. the cardinals are in town, and there is a squirrel on the net behind home plate. he's made his way up the netting, now on the guide wire atop the netting. i don'ti don't know where he is going to go now. oh, my goodness, oh, my goodness, he just jumped off the wire now on the roof of
6:45 am
the dugout. just in the dugout and the players are scattering in the phillies dugout. there is a squirrel loose in the phillies dugout. and everybody has run for cover, and that poor animal has no idea where to go. >> i haven't seen this much energy at the ballpark since well, been a while. >> ya, kind of bad when the most entertaining thing is a squirrel on the phillies baseball field. hopefully that squirrel is okay. but, we did check in with the phillies, believe it or not they have pest control at every game. squirrel, there go, taken into custody, the charge being more entertaining than the phillies the only reason he is in trouble this morning by the way our phils lost that game to the cardinals 12-four. what a a commentary there quite impressive. a lot coming up on cbs this morning saturday. anthony mason and vanita
6:46 am
meyer join us, talking about squirms, sports, a lot going on in philly. good morning guys. >> not what you always expect at the game. coming up only on cbs this morning saturday, the birth of one of the most rare species on the planet. given incredible access to newly born red panda cubs. we'll show you the difficult work needed to save these animals. >> also, they are the best art forge ers in the world. but they don't do it for the money. inside, a new book, about the craft of the cop. >> i people with unique focus the photograph heres try to capture a specific shot of planes passing by the moon. and it is trickier than you think. >> all of that plus your eye opener, the dish, from the band spun in our saturday session, just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. >> all right, thanks for the preview. appreciate t. >> it is 6:46. happening today the sixth annual june teen festival in the germantown neighborhood. june teen, the 13th apartment. that will ended slavery here
6:47 am
in the united state. the proclamation went into effect in 18th 63 but many slaves who live in confederate states were forced to work until june of 1865. that's when they found out they were free. now, today's event goes from ten to 4:00 starting in the 6300 block of germantown avenue. carol? >> a place to go 6300 block harriet tub man spent some time there. the it is a a fascinating gorgeous, but lot of things to do there. so, a terrific way to spend the day. we have weather watchers up and about, six p degrees about the coolest spot out there where we find bill, his lovely dog. what's bill have it say this morning? warm muggy had rain overnight, bill in a couple of spots, they are still getting little bit of rain. 07 degrees temperature and this is in fact couple of 70 agree temperatures, first one up phil says in philadelphia,
6:48 am
dreary damp solsus, summer starts tomorrow have, a nice indoor fathers day good portion of it, one other 70 degrees temperature, but interesting comment because the question is: will it be raining around 3:00? he's going to be at a wedding in newtown. well, we do have some showers expected, even as we go through the afternoon, it is possible, it could be. there is also a phillies game at that point. let's take a stroll, shall me? look at the clouds, oh, and we've seen couple of raindrops out there as well, raindrops on the lens as we go out to palmyra cove nature park this morning. you can see a couple of them. just gloomy start to the day. looks like we will probably be hanging onto some of the gloom a loft day. you notice that the rain showers are out there this is storm scan3 finding them out and about not everywhere, but they are out there this morning. temperatures are in the 70s right now, couple of spots, to the north and you have readings in the 60s. flood watch in effect from tonight, right through tomorrow evening. and, it is for the flooding of the creek, stream that sort
6:49 am
of thing not the main stem rivers, but creeks, streams, just watch it, because that is an indication that we will be finding quite a bit of rain from what was once called bill. it is no longer tropical storm and hasn't been for awhile, but the system lives on. tropical downpours, one to 2 inches every rain local maybe 3 inches every rain, heaviest probably coming tomorrow morning and of course the flooding possible, you saw it with the flashflood watch. now, future weather computer model says, we have couple of showers this morning, it wasn't really totally right to start, with because you notice we had a lot more on our storm scan3, which showed reality. so we take it with a grain of salt. we go into the afternoon maybe, it doesn't have total handle on placement or amounts or time, but does say at 4:00 we get some showers in here we see few more at midnight, see some during the overnight time period, some of those do get heavy. a look at 7:00 in the morning when it wants to whip it out of here. and then, by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, the second portion of the low comes through with
6:50 am
just couple of showers continuing with. that will so not total wash out the entire day, heaviest rain in the morning sunday morning. but still, we have to continue to monitor some of these rain showers throughout the day. so, two to 11:00 tonight spotty showers thunderstorms then after tomorrow morning around 7:00 we start to clear out. we could be picking up shower, even later on, one to 2 inches every rain, that is what all of the computer models are saying for the philadelphia area. and a lot of it may be on this i95 corridor and little bit to the south. so continuing to monitor that system as it comes on in here. today, just kind of humid chance of shower, thunderstorm, not just in philadelphia, but at the shore, in the poconos as well, with temperatures 82 philadelphia, 08 at the shore seven it in the poconos our temperatures tonight will be 72, that heavier rain, does come in, especially overnight very first part of sun say morning say by 7:00 it should be gone, chance for shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon on the first day of summer and fathers day monday looks
6:51 am
okay 88 degrees, very, very humid, temperatures in the 80s all week, nicole. >> all right carol. anyone who is married can pretty much tell you the moment they met their husband or wife, right? but imagine if you nearly met your partner and didn't even know it? that's pretty much what happened to jordan and ryan spencer here, the couple returned to the scene of that chance encounter that happened at sesame place, believe it or not, when they were both kids. and this video home video from 1988, the boy with the glasses right there walks in front of the camera, that's actually jordan's future husband at the age of 13. both of their families were obviously at the water park at the very same time. after finding out about this chance meeting sesame place actually offered to host the couple and their children, now the spencer's say they'll take plenty of video on their kids on this trip because you never know? the love of their life. their soul mate, might be somewhere in the footage. 6:51 right now and the fifth annual miracle league of bucks county festival is underway this weekend.
6:52 am
the opening ceremonies for that softball tournament was held at the george school in newtown last night. more than 150 athletes, competing and celebrating with friends. the first game, was played last night. >> the thing that's really wonderful is that sometime this weekend each and everyone of them is going to have a moment will get make a play in the field something that we will be able to truly celebrate for each and everyone of them. that will happen and we'll make sure we celebrate. >> they'll remember that for a long, long time. the festival concludes tomorrow with a closing ceremony. such a nice event. we'll take a short break and
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> welcome back to "eyewitness news", video showing random act every kindness going viral. shows philadelphia police officer helping couple of skipped with one of their chores. "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry with the details now from north philadelphia. >> oh, my gosh, that is a blessing. >> what bernice daniels was traveling near 20th and diamond street sunday afternoon she saw two children struggling to carry their laundry to a laudromat. >> it was heavy and they were actually caring it. it is not like they had a push cart. not like they had the laundry inside of bags. it was inside after hamper. >> she wasn't the only one that noticed. officer sammy, pulled over to help the boy and girl, that's when bernice handed her phone to her daughter and told her to start recording. >> told the kids to go ahead and walk. >> the officer dropped off the clothes to this laudromat the owner didn't want to speak on camera, and says, he doesn't know the children, but he has seen them before. bernice posted the video on line wednesday, and it quickly went viral. >> all cops are not mean and
6:56 am
nasty. that was so nice. bernice says the video is a remind their officers are here to help. >> he did something that i wanted to do. i wanted to help those kids. but i am thankful that he did it because i am a stranger. i am a stranger soaker if i would have walk up to the children they probably would have ran and left the laundry there. >> bernice's daughter said she will never forget what she witnessed. >> the officer was real helpful to them. he cares about those children, that was walking down the street with all of those clothes. >> philadelphia police say the officer was not available for an interview, but bernice wants to thank him for his random act every kindness. >> you went above and beyond. and you brought your heart out there on a street of philadelphia. and i appreciate that. >> in north philadelphia, syma chowdhry cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> you know that's nice, people just have to do the right thing. see somebody struggling, no matter who it is, you help them out. >> absolutely, i just a.m. totally on board with. that will we just need to step it up ourselves. >> true. >> we have a day that's got some clouds, nicole. it has got some rain.
6:57 am
already seen little bit of rain. because lot more is to come. i think specially as we hit that overnight time period. that doesn't mean this afternoon will be dry. shower thunderstorm scattered around temperatures will be in the lower 80s today but we get the heavier rain, flood watch goes into effect this evening right through tomorrow. and then fathers day i think by afternoon might see some sun breaks, but still another chance could be rolling through in the afternoon. >> not far off, is it? all right carol thank up. that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. signing off on tv always on line at cbs this morning saturday is next. make it a great weekend. see you tomorrow.
6:58 am
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